November 20, 2016

ARC Review | To Love and to Cherish (The Wedding Belles #3) by Lauren Layne

To Love and to Cherish
by Lauren Layne
Series: The Wedding Belles #3
Release Date: October 18th, 2016
Publisher: Pocket Book
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Adult, Contemporary romance

Synopsis: Sex and the City meets The Wedding Planner in The Wedding Belles, a contemporary and witty romance series about three high-powered New York City women who can plan any wedding—but their own.
Alexis Morgan has spent the past six years devoted to turning her tiny start-up into Manhattan’s premiere wedding planning company, The Wedding Belles. Now that her business is thriving, it’s time to turn towards her much neglected personal life, and Alexis approaches her relationships like she does everything else: with a plan. Not a part of that plan is Logan Harris, the silent partner in the Belles, and the one person who’s been there for her since the very beginning. But Alexis needs someone fun, and Logan’s all business, all the time—except when a late night at the office ends with an unexpected kiss that leaves the usually cool and together Alexis reeling.
Logan has lusted after Alexis since the day he walked into the tiny Harlem apartment that used to double as her office. But the ambitious wedding planner has always been untouchable...until now. Alexis has made it clear that she’s on the dating market—and equally clear that he’s not in the running. But when Alexis finds herself in need of a date for her sister’s last minute wedding in Florida, Logan knows it’s the perfect time to show Alexis that there’s more to him than numbers and spreadsheets—and beneath the pinstripes and glasses lies a hot-blooded heartthrob. As Florida’s sultry days turn into even hotter nights, Logan’s out to convince Alexis that the fling of a lifetime could just maybe turn into forever...

4 Stars

I finished this awhile ago but only managed to sit down and write about it today since school kept getting in the way (why, school). Firstly, let me just declare my greatest love for Lauren Layne, one of the authors in my I'd read their grocery lists list, for making me fall in love with basically everything she writes. I'm not kidding--almost everything she wrote is my favourite. I'm still a bit sad that To Love and to Cherish is the final book in the Wedding Belles series because I am so not ready to part with these people yet. 

Now, where do I start? 

I've been waiting for this book ever since I caught a whiff of holding-a-torch-for-you-and-everyone-knows-it-but-YOU thing that's been going between Alexis and Logan in To Have and to Hold. My yearning for this book intensified after For Better or Worse; the little bits of build-up killed me I yelled at my phone when there is no excerpt in the ARC. 

What I Like

I'm a sucker for angsty reads and as expected, this one has it in bulk. So our poor boy Logan has it bad for Alexis, and our girl is oblivious with a capital O. Seriously, I can't believe Alexis sometimes. She's so far in the land of denial I feel so bad for Logan; unrequited feelings is a female dog. Then something happened that made Logan said screw it to waiting and started to earnestly pursue Alexis, and that's when the fun started. 

I love both Alexis and Logan. Alexis is so strong and smart; she's somebody I would totally try to befriend in real life despite being intimidated by her because I really want to emulate her motivation and drive to succeed. Logan is a charming, spectacles-wearing Brit (cliche yet so great a combination I will never get tired of) with savvy business instincts. Both of them are very inspiring and the type of people I aspire to be. They know what they want in their life and they do anything and everything to get what they want. 

I adore the flashback scene in the prologue where we are shown how Alexis and Logan met 8 years ago. I also enjoy reading their backstories: Alexis' heartbreak tale is something I cannot remember without wincing. I especially enjoy the way Alexis and Logan interact with each other; they are the couple who are not a couple. They know everything about each other's quirks and favourites, and it's painful being in the sidelines and screaming "Get married already, for god's sake!" (which is probably what the other Belles and their significant others said when they had their secret meetings) because these two are so meant to be together.

What I Don't Like

Um, the fact that there are no more books in this series? 

Overall, it's been a great journey with the Belles. I never thought I would find a girl gang I love more than the Stiletto girls, but the Belles are definitely one of the top contenders. 

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